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Live Chat with Aerin Lauder, New Estee Lauder Beauty Collection Launch:  Upon success of LOFT live chat, Who What Wear asked us to work with them on a promotional campaign they were doing with Aerin Lauder/Estee Lauder.  Items involved:

  • Facebook tab

  • Fielded questions from bloggers to curate live chat Q&A script prior to live chat in addition to fielding questions in real-time during live chat.

Additional Work

  1. Summer Getaway Facebook Sweepstakes:

    • Similar in nature to “Summer Wardrobe” sweepstakes without blog partnership and live chat

      • Sweepstakes, Facebook tab

      • Blogger Outreach

        • 500+ mentions across multiple channels

      • Results:  Drove approx. 70,000+ LIKES and over 100k sweepstakes entries on Facebook.  

  2. LOFTsummer Essentials Twitter Sweepstakes:

    • 3 week (15-day) Twitter sweepstakes designed to celebrate the joys of summer.

      • Sweepstakes

        • Daily entry management

        • Daily/weekly reporting

      • Blogger Outreach:  General and Offer (30 spots)

        • Created  670+ mentions across multiple channels

      • Results: 

        • 13,780 tweets using the #LOFTsummer hashtag commanding a total of 8MM+ impressions.

        • 4,440 unique users with a combined influence of 1,939,203.  Each user tweeted on average a total of 3.1 times.  

Other LOFT Promotions



LOFT wanted to offer an array of exclusive and exciting summer opportunities for style seeking fans and fashionistas. Enter the “Summer Wardrobe” sweepstakes for fans to win a new wardrobe, in addition to sharing expert tips and summer looks through a live chat with fashion bloggers from Who What Wear.

  1. Sweepstakes:

    • Results: 44,900+ Facebook likes, 67,00+ Sweepstakes entries

  2. Live Chat: 

    • Results:  8,900+ viewers of the live chat (6,245 unique viewers); receiving an impressive average view time of seven minutes.

  3. Blogger Outreach:

    • Press Release creation

    • Rollout strategy:  launch, weekly, live-chat

    • Blogger list creation; fashion/style, beauty, women, moms

    • Multi-part email messaging:  general and offer

      • Offer:  Vetted 50 influential bloggers for increased participation; provided LOFT gift cards for their involvement.  Managed shipping.

        • Select bloggers vetted for existing “How Bloggers Wear LOFT” for share on brand’s Facebook.

    • Results:  350+ mentions across all channels

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