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Founded in 2009, American Pop has been dedicated to building lasting relationships between brands and their target consumers. Over the past few years we've mastered influencer marketing online, telling your brand story through tastemakers as amplified through their preferred social channels. 


We’re an interpersonal agency that provides tailored results for any objective. We work closely with our clients to collaborate on fresh ideas, tackle short- and long-term goals, as well as look ahead from the ground floor to deliver excellent results. 


We offer solutions for a variety of industries, including but not limited to: Moms, Multi-Cultural, Entertainment, Food & Beverage, and Fashion & Beauty.



Please see a sample of our services to learn more about our work.





















Craig Lazar

Partner: Craig brings over 20 years experience in Marketing, Promotions, Product Licensing, Product Development, Direct Mail and now Social Media Marketing. As a lifelong entrepreneur, Craig has a track record managing successful marketing campaigns. He has been a partner in various agencies with clients such as Warner Bros., Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, Universal Pictures, Paramount, SkyBox and Donruss Trading Cards and more…


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